Lorna McNee

Lorna comes from a very small village in the north of Scotland called Dallas. Whilst still at school she washed dishes in a local busy family run Italian restaurant called Little Sicily serving Italian and Mediterranean food, nothing fancy but very good food cooked by a talented chef.

The head chef kept encouraged her to take up cooking and after finally tooking his advice Lorna started studying Hospitality at Moray College in Elgin. It was then she also stopped washing dishes and started prepping food and dressing starters in Little Sicily.

Nearing the end of my 3 years at college she was hoping to get a full time position at the Michelin Starred Boath House in Nairn but unfortunately they were fully staffed but I went in on my days off unpaid to gain more experience.

Determined to work at a Michelin Starred restaurant, a lecturer organised dinner at Andrew Fairlies and a 3 day work experience for her. Following this great opportunity Lorna spoke with Chef Andrew and explained her reasons for wanting to work alongside him – not having a lot of fine dining experience, he was not too keen to hire her. However she managed to persuade him and within 6 months Lorna admits to making more mistakes than she cares to remember. However 8 years on, she is still there and is no sous chef within a team and now teaching the younger generation.

Last year Lorna entered and won The Game Chef of the Year.